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Stackable – The Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Plugin


Want to take your website design to the next level?

Meet Stackable – The Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Plugin.

What is Stackable?

It is an all-in-one solution for creating stunning websites with Gutenberg. Whether you’re a beginner, designer, marketer, or developer you can create amazing websites yourself with Stackable. Build any website with their ready-made designs, extensive block collection, UI Kits, and more.

The free version of Stackable is available to install on the WordPress repository with limited functionalities.

Upgrading will give you much more control over your entire website design and functionality with Stackable Premium advanced options and hundreds of Premium block layouts.

The free version has been downloaded for over 40,000+ websites with more than 280+ positive reviews and 5-star ratings from its users.

All in one solution for creating stunning websites with Gutenberg

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Gutenberg?

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Stackable Gutenberg Plugin

✓ Experience Premium Block Layouts
✓ Build pages with Fine-Grain Advanced Settings
✓ Add Premium Hover and Image Box Effects
✓ Get more design flexibility with a Guided CSS Customizer
✓ Access 290+ Block Designs
✓ Enjoy Premium One-on-One Customer Support
✓ Receive Premium Updates

Once you upgrade to Premium (from the free version), you continue just where you left off, without any interruptions. You’ll immediately be given access to all of their premium features.

Experience Premium Options, Features, & Effects

Flexibility to achieve exactly what you want through premium block layouts, guided CSS customizer, more image shape options, hover effects, and advanced settings for columns and posts.

Experience Premium Options Features Effects

Access 290+ Block Designs

Access hundreds of Premium pre-set section/block designs, which are built-in and easily switchable with just one click.

Enjoy Premium One-on-One Customer Support

Contact our support team with a simple email, and we’ll answer within a day or two.

50+ More Reasons to Go Pro

Benefits of Using Stackable Gutenberg Plugin

Get ahead of the curve by stepping up to Premium

Access to all the premium perks and get 10% Off Stackable Premium Plans. (At the time of writing this article, there was a limited time offer). Click the button below to check if the discount is still available for new accounts.

Recommended by Top Professionals

Stackable is good, beautiful, and diverse. Great Gutenberg elements and great support. An issue was solved in a day. It’s becoming the only Gutenberg blocks collection you ever need!

– Alfred Grupsta

These blocks are visually stunning but also easy to install and use. I’ve upgraded to the Premium version so I have more blocks and settings. Really good stuff.

– Shaun Lawson

I really like the templates in Stackable Premium. One of the best features is that all of the templates are shown in the block inspector making it super simple to choose.

– Lisa Savoie

Compare Stackable Free vs. Premium


Page Builder-like Design Options
Custom Blocks2727
Fast Page Loading Speed
Blog Posts Block OptionsBasicAdvanced
One-on-one Customer Support
Regular Premium Update

Ready-Made Designs

Ready-made Block Designs89355
Unique UI Kits730
Separator Designs1 layer3 layers

Design Tools

Block Layouts58127
Block BG and Image Color Settings
Block Typography Settings
Basic Image Shapes
50+ Image Blob Shapes
Basic Icon Options
Upload Own SVG Icons
Gradient Multicolor & BG Shape for Icons
Advanced Column Settings
Advanced Column and Gap Spacing
Basic Hover Animations
Premium Hover and Image Box Effects
Border Options
Copy-Paste Styles
Clickable Containers NEW

Global Settings

Global Typography
Global Colors

Blog Posts Settings

Basic Settings
Custom Post Types
Display Specific Posts Only
Offset Posts
Load More Button
Pagination NEW

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Agency Tools

Block CSS Customizer
User Role Manager


Live Responsive Editing
Design Options for Mobile and Tablet
Hide / Show on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
Responsive Column Collapse Options


Font Awesome Free
Font Awesome Pro
Google Fonts

Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Industry

Trusted by Biggest Names in the Industry


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