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Link Whisper Discount Code 2024 Deal: Get $45 OFF

$45 off Link Whisper | #1 Page Builder Plugin for WordPress | Try Content at Scale

Link Whisper Coupon: Save $45 On All Plans

Use our exclusive Link Whisper discount code ‘MAY2024’ to get the best available deal for new users. Claim this offer to save $45 on all plans.

Looking for a Link Whisper coupon code for 2024? You’ve found it.

Link Whisper is a must-have tool if you’re serious about SEO. It makes internal linking very easy, which can boost your website’s rankings and save you a ton of time and effort.

And who doesn’t love saving money? We’ve teamed up with Link Whisper to get you an exclusive discount of $45 on any of their plans.

If you’re in a hurry, just click this offer link and use the code “MAY2024” at checkout to get your discount.

Want to learn more about this awesome discount coupon and why Link Whisper is the best choice for your site? Keep reading. We’ll break it all down for you.

Link Whisper Discount Code

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Link Whisper has three plans, starting at $97 per year. But I have got a promo code that knocks $45 off the price of any plan. Here’s the breakdown of what each plan will cost you with my discount:

All plans provide full access to Link Whisper’s features, including AI-powered link suggestions, reporting, and link management. The only difference is the number of sites you can use the plugin on.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on each plan, so you can easily try it out and see if it’s the right plugin for your WordPress website.

Additionally, Link Whisper offers a free version with limited features. This version allows you to see the number of inbound and outbound links on your site, as well as get link suggestions. However, it doesn’t include all the features of the paid plans, such as automatic internal linking.

Alright, so are you ready to take advantage of this amazing Link Whisper offer and get a $45 discount on your first year? It’s really easy, just follow the instructions that I’m going to show you below:

To get started, head over to the Link Whisper website using this special link I have for you. Once you’re there, just click on the “Get Link Whisper Now” button.

Link Whisper Coupon Homepage

Step 2: Choose your license.

You’ll now see three different pricing options to choose from: 1-site license, 3-site license, or 10-site license.

All the plans include the same great features, so you can just pick the one that’s right for you based on how many websites you need to use Link Whisper on.

If you have more than ten sites, they’ve got you covered with another plan too. Once you’ve picked the perfect plan, just click the “Get Started” button right below it.

Link Whisper Discounted Plans

Next, you need to click on the ‘Have a discount code? Click to enter it’ link, so you can enter our Link Whisper coupon code: MAY2024

Then click on the Apply button, and you’ll see the new discounted price. Our Link Whisper promo code lets you save $45 on all plans.

Link Whisper Enter My Coupon Promo

Step 4: You’re almost there.

After that, you need to scroll down on the same page to enter your account information like first name, last name, username, email, and so on. You also need to enter your payment details. And then click on the ‘Purchase’ button below to complete your purchase.

That’s all. So this is how you can get the Link Whisper WordPress plugin with a great $45 discount. Enjoy and share this coupon with your friends.

Link Whisper is an AI-powered internal linking tool for WordPress websites.

It suggests relevant internal links as you write or edit your content directly within the WordPress editor. This can improve your website’s SEO by helping search engines understand the structure and hierarchy of your content.

Why choose Link Whisper? Here are its best features:

  • Automatic Suggestions: As you write or edit content, Link Whisper analyzes your text and suggests relevant internal links from other pages on your website. This saves you the time and effort of manually searching for linking opportunities.
  • Real-time Suggestions: Link Whisper continuously analyzes your content as you write and provides updated link suggestions.
  • Revive Old Posts: Easily add internal links to older pages that might be missing out on valuable link juice.
  • Keyword-Based Linking: You can set up automatic linking based on specific keywords. When those keywords appear in your content, Link Whisper will automatically add internal links to relevant pages.
  • Link Across Multiple Sites: Connect multiple websites and get link suggestions between them.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Link Whisper provides detailed reports on your internal links, including click tracking, so you can see how they are performing.
  • Broken link checker: It can also help you find and fix broken links on your website.

Building internal links does two things: First, it helps human readers of your site find other relevant content.

Second, the hyperlinks help Google fully crawl and better understand what your site is about.

Overall, internal links can have a huge impact on your site, not only from a visitor’s perspective but also from Google’s.

Want even more details? Check out our full Link Whisper review.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Link Whisper coupons and discount codes.

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that uses AI to help you build internal links within your website content. It analyzes your existing articles and suggests relevant internal links as you write new content. This can save you time and effort compared to manually searching for internal link opportunities.

How much does Link Whisper cost?

Link Whisper offers annual subscription plans with pricing based on the number of websites you need to optimize. The single-site license costs $97 per year, while the 3-site license is priced at $137 annually. For those with more websites, the 10-site license costs $187 per year, and a 50-site option is available for $347 annually. Please note that these are the regular prices.

What’s the best coupon code to get the maximum discount on Link Whisper?

The best coupon that can give you a massive discount for purchasing Link Whisper is “MAY2024”. This code will save $45 off your bill. Click right here to create an account on Link Whisper and redeem the offer now.

Can I use Link Whisper on multiple websites?

Yes, you can use Link Whisper on multiple sites if you have access to a 3-site license or 10-site license. The entry-level plan includes one website.

Is there any refund policy?

Yes, Link Whisper gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy for any reason, you can get a full refund within the first month.

How to activate the Link Whisper plugin in WordPress?

To activate Link Whisper, first install the plugin. Then, navigate to Link Whisper > Licensing in your WordPress dashboard. Paste your License Key into the provided field and click “Activate License”.

I’ve found that Link Whisper is a fantastic tool if you’re looking to boost your site’s rankings through smarter internal linking. It’s honestly been a great investment for me.

Plus, Google says it’s a good idea to build these types of links, so don’t hold back. Click the button below and sign up to create a free Link Whisper account. That’s it.

Thanks for using our Link Whisper exclusive discount code, and I hope this post helped you out. Here at Mastery Blogging, we love sharing special deals with our readers. If you have any questions about the Link Whisper plugin or its coupon code, feel free to leave a comment below.

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How I finally cracked the code of affiliate marketing...

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I struggled to gain traction with it for a long time.

The whole process was tough – from managing heaps of affiliate links to finding (and negotiating) the best programs, and just keeping everything on my site well-organized.

It felt like never-ending chaos.

And I just didn't make much money from it.

Perhaps you're in the same boat.

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly woke up one morning to a flurry of emails (see my recent payments proof below):

In that week, my view of affiliate marketing changed forever.

So what caused this shift?

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It's the ultimate affiliate marketer's partner – created by affiliate marketers at the top of their game.

With Lasso, you can:

  • Create gorgeous product display boxes to maximize your conversions
  • Boost revenue by spotting juicy new affiliate opportunities across your entire site (this is my favourite feature)
  • Easily track and manage all affiliate links on your WordPress website in one handy dashboard
  • Elegantly cloak your links rather than having them chock full of messy affiliate text
  • Import all Amazon SiteStripe links with just one click (super handy if you're using Amazon Associates)

So if, like me, you've been struggling to make affiliate marketing work for you, it's worth giving Lasso a try.

Click here to watch a demo.

In short, Lasso is the best WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. If you want to earn more affiliate income and grow your niche site, you need Lasso!

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