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(Use the above link to get up to 55% off your annual Jungle Scout subscription)

If you’re thinking about trying Jungle Scout but but the price tag gives you pause, I’ve got awesome news.

If you use this Jungle Scout coupon code link, you’ll get a full week to see if it’s right for you, AND the chance to save up to 55% on a yearly subscription. That’s up to $549 in your pocket.

Heads up, they don’t discount their monthly subscriptions. But, if you prefer paying month-to-month, their basic plan starts at just $29.00 a month. That’s not bad at all.

Jungle Scout Coupon Code

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How to Use The Jungle Scout Discount Link?

As I mentioned, the biggest discount on Jungle Scout comes when you choose annual billing over monthly billing. This can save you up to 55% on the total price. Here’s how to do it:

Click our exclusive link — it takes you straight to the official Jungle Scout website.

Jungle Scout Website

Pick the plan that works for you. Then hit the “Buy Now” button.

Jungle Scout Annual Plans

Set up your account. They just need your email and a strong password you’ll remember.

Jungle Scout Sign up Process

Pop in your payment details. This includes your credit card info and where you live for billing.

Jungle Scout Payment Process

Click to finish, and you’re in. (Remember their Terms of Service and Privacy Statement apply).

Important Notes:

  • You’ll get an email confirming your purchase.
  • Not sure Jungle Scout is for you? No worries. They have a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

See? Super easy and that amazing discount is all yours…

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a powerful all-in-one software platform used by Amazon sellers to research products, track sales, and find profitable opportunities within the Amazon marketplace.

It provides valuable data on sales volume, competition, pricing, and trends to help sellers make informed decisions and boost their sales on Amazon.

Greg Mercer, the founder, is practically an Amazon guru. He launched Jungle Scout back in 2014 and totally revolutionized how people do Amazon research.

Want to learn more? Check out our full Jungle Scout review.

Key Features of Jungle Scout:

  • Product Research: Jungle Scout helps you find profitable product niches, track sales trends, estimate potential revenue, and validate product ideas.
  • Keyword Research: Discover relevant keywords for your listings, optimize your product descriptions, and run effective PPC campaigns.
  • Niche Hunter: Uncover profitable product niches and gaps in the market.
  • Supplier Finding: Source reliable manufacturers and suppliers for your products.
  • Competitor Analysis: Track your competitors’ sales, pricing, keywords, and product strategies to stay ahead.
  • Listing Optimization: Create and improve your product listings to boost visibility and conversions.
  • Inventory Management: Forecast demand and manage your inventory levels to avoid stockouts or overstocking.
  • Launch: Set up promotional launch campaigns to drive initial sales.
  • Sales Analytics: Track your key performance metrics and monitor the financial health of your Amazon business.

Want to try Jungle Scout? Get started with a huge 55% off your first year. Click here, and you’re ready to explore. No discount code or Jungle Scout coupon is necessary — just use the Jungle Scout discount code link.

(Full disclosure: I might get a small commission if you sign up, but your price stays the same.)

Why Use Jungle Scout?

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, and making successful business decisions requires extensive research and data analysis. Jungle Scout provides the tools and insights you need to:

  • Identify winning product opportunities: Discover untapped niches and products with high demand and profitability potential.
  • Optimize listing and advertising: Improve search ranking and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) conversions to increase sales.
  • Streamline operations: Manage inventory, track sales trends, and stay on top of critical data for efficient operations.
  • Stay ahead of the competition: Uncover competitor strategies and make data-backed decisions to keep your business thriving.

Give Jungle Scout a try — you’ve got a whole week for free! Want to keep it? Our exclusive 2024 Jungle Scout coupon code will save you up to 55% on your annual plan. Sign up right here.

What Does Jungle Scout Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of Jungle Scout’s pricing options, including both their standard plans and bundled “Suite” plans:

  • Basic Plan: This is the entry-level option, best for starting your Amazon product research. It costs $49/month or $349/year. The Basic package offers full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox), a single-user license, a review automation core tool, and the first 100 API requests free.
  • Suite Plan: Ideal if you’re ready to launch and manage your Amazon business. It includes more in-depth tools at $69/month or $589/year. The Suite package offers everything in the basic package, plus unlimited product and keyword research searches, keyword rank tracking, PPC analysis, AI Assist automation and business insights.
  • Professional Plan: Focused on helping established Amazon businesses scale their operations. This plan is the most comprehensive, at $129/month or $999/year. The Professional package offers everything in the Suite package, plus tracks up to 1000 ASINs, 6 users included, 6 months of historical data in the product tracker, and 2 years of historical keyword data.

Jungle Scout also offers bundled “Suite” plans for additional savings:

  • Start-up Suite: Get a taste of the Suite plan for 3 months at a discounted price. Ideal for sellers who want to start selling on Amazon as soon as possible and learn as they sell.
  • Entrepreneur Suite: Upgrade to the Suite plan for 6 months at a reduced cost. Ideal for sellers who want to learn the details about selling on Amazon and then launch their product.
  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp: This bundle includes a full year of the Professional plan plus in-depth training on Amazon FBA selling. Ideal for sellers who want to master the FBA process and build a business to achieve financial freedom.
Jungle Scout Suite Plans

Whichever plan you pick, you’ll get a 7-day money-back guarantee with my link, and the biggest possible discount if you go annual. It’s basically a can’t-lose situation.

Jungle Scout Coupon Code Final Thoughts

You won’t find many valid coupon codes for Jungle Scout, but you can save money on Jungle Scout by using this discount code referral link. If you sign up there, you’ll get up to 55% off your yearly plan. Plus, try it for a week, and if you’re not totally into it, you get your money back. Easy, right?

(Yes, we get something out of it, too. But you’re saving money).

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