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How Tailwind’s Blog Creation Wizard Can Help You Create Killer Content Faster Than Ever (in 2023)

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Tailwind Blog Creation Wizard

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With Tailwind’s newest Ghostwriter feature, the Blog Creation Wizard, you can produce a complete blog post (from idea to full article) in just a few minutes! In this blog post, I’ll show you how it works.

If you have not yet tried out AI for your blog or website, now is the perfect time to start. Because Google has finally accepted that AI-generated content can be used for blog posts and articles as long as it still helps users and offers quality.

A few months ago, Tailwind launched a new Ghostwriter tool through which you can now create a variety of content, including SEO optimization, blog post titles, and social media captions.

But recently, they even added a new Blog Creation Wizard feature to their tool that will take you from post idea to full article in just under three minutes.

Let’s get into the details.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a fantastic tool that acts like a marketing team. Basically, it’s a combination of a graphic design tool and a social media scheduler. With the Tailwind app, you can instantly create social media content, then publish or schedule it immediately.

Here’re some of the most popular features of Tailwind:

  • Schedule social media posts with Tailwind
  • Tailwind Create (graphic design tool)
  • Tailwind Communities for Pinterest marketing
  • – Tailwind’s link in bio tool
  • Hashtag suggestions and save drafts for later
  • They also have a Chrome extension
  • And many more!

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What is Tailwind Ghostwriter?

Tailwind Ghostwriter is an AI-powered content marketing tool that helps you write engaging blog posts, Pinterest pin descriptions, titles, hashtags, TikTok video descriptions, emails, Facebook & Instagram captions, etc — with just a few quick minutes of effort.

Ghostwriter is also a part of the Tailwind extension, which means you can easily use it in any location, such as Google Docs, your email marketing provider, WordPress, and more.

What is the Tailwind Blog Creation Wizard?

The Tailwind Blog Creation Wizard, the latest feature of Tailwind, is a quick and easy tool that will transform your idea into a blog post within a few minutes of effort.

If you’re curious about using Tailwind’s Blog Creation Wizard tool, then here is a quick step-by-step tutorial for you.

How Blog Creation Wizard Works (Tutorial)

The process of creating a full blog post using the Blog Creation Wizard is straightforward, and it can be completed in just nine steps.

1. Create a new account on Tailwind.

2. Open the Tailwind AI Labs from your Tailwind dashboard or by using the Tailwind extension (install from here).

3. Click on the “From idea to full article” tab, and it will open up the blog creation wizard for you.

Click From Idea to Full Article Tab

4. Next, you need to describe what your blog post is all about and provide as much detail as possible to help the AI create high-quality content. Then hit the Generate Titles button.

Generate Title

5. Now, the AI will provide you with 5 titles and a short description, similar to an introductory line or meta description, to help you understand the direction the article would take. You can also edit the text as you need. Then, select your preferred title and click on the “Continue to Outline” button.

6. In the next step, you can add keywords or phrases related to your content. However, it is not mandatory so you can skip this field if you’d like, as it’s optional. Click the “Generate Outline” button.

Generate outline

7. The generated outline of the article will be found on the right side of your dashboard where you can edit the title, introduction, subheadings, and conclusion.

If you did not like the content’s outline generated by the Blog Creation Wizard, you can go back to the left panel and make changes and re-generate your outline. And, if you’re happy with the outline, click Generate Full Article.

8. Now let the Blog Creation Wizard write the full article, it will produce 1,000 words of content for you in no time. If you aren’t satisfied with the final product, head over to the left panel and regenerate it.

Generate full article

9. Before publishing, you can edit your generated article within the Blog Creation Wizard, and if you are satisfied with your work, you can download or copy it and exit the wizard.

That’s all..!!

So easy, right?

See the Ghostwriter Blog Wizard in Action

Video Credit: Tailwind

Note: Before making your content public, read it through and make any necessary edits to suit your personal style and tone.

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter is decent at producing natural-sounding copy, but AI content can sometimes be repetitive and lacking in originality, which means you’ll need to add your own perspective and expertise to make the article truly yours.

How to Sign Up for Tailwind Blog Creation Wizard for FREE?

You can get access to Tailwind Ghostwriter and the new Blog Creation Wizard by signing up for the FREE Forever plan. This option is available in all plans of Tailwind but the number of credits varies depending on your plan level.

The Free plan offers 10 Ghostwriter Credits per month, while the Pro plan provides 50. On the Advanced plan, you’ll receive 250 credits per month. And on the Max plan, you’ll receive 500 Ghostwriter Credits per month. Using Tailwind’s Blog Creation Wizard will be counted as 1 Ghostwriter Credit.

Overview of Tailwind Pricing Plans and Packages:

Tailwind offers both free (that never expires) and paid plans with different pricing tiers. Currently, they have four options that you can choose from:

  • Free Forever
  • Pro
  • Advanced
  • Max
Pricing Plans of Tailwind

The free forever plan allows users to connect one Instagram account, one Facebook page, and one Pinterest account, with limited features such as 20 email sends per month, basic analytics, 5 Tailwind communities, 20 post designs per month, one user, custom link, and 10 Ghostwriter credits per month.

Tailwind’s paid plans start with the “Pro” plan, which costs $12.99 per month when billed annually or $39.99 per month when billed monthly. This plan allows users to connect one Instagram account, one Facebook page, one Pinterest account, 200 email sends per month, 200 post designs per month, 5 Tailwind communities, 50 Ghostwriter credits per month, one user, custom link, and advanced analytics.

The next tier is the “Advanced” plan, which costs $19.99 per month (billed annually) or $9.99 per month (billed monthly). This plan allows users to connect up to two Instagram accounts, two Facebook pages, and two Pinterest accounts, with features such as 500 email sends per month, unlimited post designs per month, unlimited Tailwind communities, 250 Ghostwriter credits per month, two users, custom link, and advanced analytics.

The “Max” plan costs $79.99 per month or $39.99 per year when paid annually. It includes features such as 1k email sends per month, unlimited post designs per month, unlimited Tailwind communities, 500 Ghostwriter credits per month, five users, custom link, and advanced analytics. With this plan, users can connect three Instagram profiles, three Facebook pages, and three Pinterest accounts.

To find out more about their pricing plans, go to this page.

Well, that’s all for today’s topic. I hope you found this review of Ghostwriter Blog Wizard from Tailwind to be useful.

Now, I’d like to hear from you.

Have you tried Tailwind’s new Blog Creation Wizard to write content for your blog? Share your thoughts in the comment section and let us know how this tool worked for you.

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