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Liquid Web Managed VPS Hosting Review 2023

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Searching for Liquid Web managed VPS hosting review?

In this Liquid Web VPS hosting review, we’ll try to cover every aspect that you need to know before purchasing Liquid Web VPS hosting services.

Let’s get started.

What is Liquid Web VPS Hosting?

VPS also called Virtual Private Server is a server that is completely dedicated to you. With your Shared or Cloud server, there are several users sharing resources with you.

With a VPS account, you are isolated on a physical server dedicated to your websites only so you won’t be affected by the limitations imposed on a shared hosting environment.

With a VPS, you’ll be provided root access which you can use to better improve your hosting customizations that will help speed up your sites. Most importantly, VPS comes with Apache which is not available on a shared/cloud server. This advanced caching technology helps improve the speed of websites.

Benefits of VPS Hosting:

  • Reliable Performance
  • Full Control
  • It is fast and  secure
  • Bulletproof protection
  • and many more!

Who Should Use Liquid Web VPS hosting?

The traffic and storage of a growing website can start to put a strain on your hosting bandwidth. As your website grows drastically, at a certain point, you will need bigger hosting. VPS is the next level.

If you ever experience a slowdown on your website, this can be caused by too many running processes and a high CPU. Moving to VPS is the permanent solution.

There’s no limit on the running process in a VPS environment.

Why Liquid Web VPS Hosting: The Benefits

Liquid Web is a perfect solution for your business and here I’ll show you the top 5 reasons to choose Liquid Web VPS over other entry-level VPS hosting providers.

1. Best Human Support 24/7

Liquid Web has a dedicated team of certified professionals who cares for you whenever you need their hands. They have one of the best customer support in the industry available 24/7/365 with guaranteed initial 59 seconds response time – no matter whether you’re using a phone call, live chat, or helpdesk. They’ll help in finding the best hosting solution for your business. 

2. Blazing Speed Up to 200%

Liquid Web makes bold promises on its website regarding speed, claiming that – Liquid Web VPS server is 200% faster than other top major VPS hosting providers in the industry such as AWS, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean. This speed test was done by Cloud Spectator, an independent 3rd party data-driven cloud consulting firm. You can see the chart below:

VPS hosting performance

Liquid Web has also received a score of 64 from Net Promoter Score (NPS), which makes them the most lovable brand in the industry.

Net Promoter Score
NPS Score of Liquid Web

3. Smooth Migration

They have highly trained Migrations Specialists admins who can help transfer your site data from your existing server to the new one with minimal downtime once you have an active VPS hosting plan.

It may take up to 7 days depending on size and complexity. Meanwhile, they’ll take care of your website files, databases, scripts, and email. And the best part is that you do not have to pay any charge for this, it comes absolutely free with your VPS account.

4. 100% Guaranteed Uptime

Liquid Web claims that your site will never be down when hosted on this platform. Here’s the live result (credit goes to

According to results, in the last 12 months, Liquid Web VPS Cloud has performed consistently with 100% network uptime. Of course, the server went down to 99.98% in March 2022 but again went back to normal which is 100%.

5. Easy Scalability

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your hosting account with ease when using Liquid Web-managed VPS service.

Pricing Plan for Liquid Web VPS

Liquid Web offers two modules for VPS hosting — LINUX and WINDOWS. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Plans for Linux Users

Here’s the pricing plan for VPS hosting offered by Liquid Web for LINUX users.


  • Starting at $15 per month.
  • 2 vCPU
  • 10 TB of Bandwidth.
  • 2 x 20 GB SSD Disk Space.


  • Starting at $25 per month.
  • 4 vCPU
  • 10 TB of Bandwidth.
  • 2 x 50 GB SSD Disk Space.


  • Starting at $15 per month.
  • 8 vCPU
  • 10 TB of Bandwidth.
  • 2 x 75 GB SSD Disk Space.


  • Starting at $95 per month.
  • 16 vCPU
  • 10 TB of Bandwidth.
  • 2 x 100 GB SSD Disk Space.

The best part for Linux users is that — with each plan, they can choose three different types of Control Panels which include: Interworx, cPanel, and Plesk Web Pro.

But that’s not all…

…Linux users will also get to enjoy 10GB of free backup space.

**These are special introductory prices for 24 month’s plan! If you opt for a monthly subscription, you’ll save 50% for 3 months starting at $29.50/mo* and you’ll end up paying $88.50 for the first 3 months. After this, you’ll have to pay the regular price which starts at $59/mo.

Whereas, for an annual subscription, you’ll be billed $360/yr paying upfront so at the end of the day you’re saving a lot.


If you’re a Windows user then there are three VPS plans for you to choose from:

  • 4GB RAM (Starting at $54 per month): This plan includes 4 vCPU, 100GB SSD storage, and 10 TB of bandwidth.
  • 8GB RAM (Starting at $74 per month): It includes 8 vCPU, 150GB SSD storage, and 10 TB of bandwidth.
  • 16GB RAM (Starting at $149 per month): You’ll get 16 vCPU, 200GB SSD storage, and 10 TB of bandwidth.

Every Windows plan gets access to Plesk Onyx PLUS 100GB free Backup — sounds good.

All Liquid Web VPS account also includes the following:

  • Unlimited Sites with InterWorx
  • Local Backups and Powerful Security
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Gigabit Data Transfer
  • Root level access
  • 24/7 experts live chat support


In addition, Liquid Web offers extra perks that you can enjoy with your VPS hosting account. This includes:

Essential Add Ons VPS Hosting
Essential Add-ons

The ONLY downside is, these perks are not free. It has separate premium plans.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Pros and Cons

Liquid Web is best known for its managed VPS hosting, but it may not be perfect for every business. Here are the pros and cons of VPS hosting:


  • Multi-level DDoS Protection for site security
  • Fast SSD Storage, Root Access, and Easy use
  • Dedicated IP Address to enhance the performance of your site
  • 24/7 Human Support whenever you need
  • Cloudflare CDN and 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Flexible hosting plans with no setup fee
  • Powerful performance and scalability


  • Prices are a little higher than some other VPS hosting plans but again, you can cut down the prices if you opt for 3 years terms.

Don’t forget to hear what other users say about Liquid Web VPS services. Read the reviews from happy customers.

What Others are Saying About LiquidWeb VPS Hosting

Aside from this, Liquid Web has also received 4.4-star ratings out of 5 on Trustpilot. For more information, click here. If you’re ready to get started with Liquid Web VPS then keep reading to find out.

Getting Started With Liquid Web VPS

Signing up for Liquid Web VPS hosting is really easy. Below are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the Liquid Web VPS hosting homepage and click on the “See Plans” button.

Managed VPS Hosting Homepage

Step 2: Now, you’ll see the pricing plans. Select any plan you want and click on the “Order Now” button.

Liquid Web VPS Pricing

Step 3: On the next page, you need to choose the cPanel type (Interworx, Plesk, or cPanel) and click the Add to Cart button to continue.

Select cPanel for Liquid Web VPS

Step 4: Next, you can now preview your order. Once you verify, click on the Checkout button.

Liquid Web VPS Checkout

Step 5: Next, you need to enter your email address and password to create a new account on Liquid Web.

Sign Up Liquid Web

Step 6: In this final step, select a payment method and a popup will open where you can enter your credit card details and save them. You also need to enter a domain name under the service info field.

Select Your Payment Method Liquid Web VPS

That’s it. Check a box and submit your order to complete the purchase. That’s how you can sign up for Liquid Web VPS Hosting.

Submit Your Order

So that’s all from my side!

Wrapping Up Liquid Web VPS Review

We hope you found this Liquid Web VPS hosting review helpful enough to make your own decision.

At last, I’d only say – If you’re unhappy with your current hosting provider or looking to upgrade to a high-performance fully managed Web hosting provider then it’s the perfect time to move to a Liquid Web VPS solution! Click here to select your VPS plans today at an affordable price.

Personally, I’d rate 5 out of 5, let me know what are your thoughts about this in the comment section below.

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