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MBIS 05: Interview with Shivam Choudhary, a Man with full passion Came Back with a Bang

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Hello people, I hope you are doing great. We’ve come back once again in the new interview session with big fish.

Yes. ?

Do you wanna know Who is he?

Shivam Choudhary…

Shivam from Blogging Nova.

He is running a blog with full passion and came back strongly with a bang and he is rocking now.

Be sure to check out his story and actionable advice below.

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your educational background

Hey Sanu, First of all, thank you for inviting me on your blog. It is a great honour for me to share my experience with your readers.

I am Shivam Choudhary Founder of Blogging Nova and many other niche sites. I am currently an undergraduate student from Delhi University who is pursuing CA (Chartered Accountancy) course.

As you guys may have already guessed, I am not a full time or Professional Blogger. But blogging is something which I love to do, so apart from study whatever time I get I give it to blogging.

2. Describe how did you first get into blogging?

I started my first blog on Blogger( A google free blogging platform) way back in 2013, I guess I was in Class 7th at that time. But frankly speaking, I don’t had any idea of how the whole process of blogging works.

That’s the reason why I made Zero money in 2 years even though I was getting good traffic on that Blogspot blog.

In 2016, I started taking Blogging seriously, I started learning more about Blogging, SEO, Link building, Monetization and other stuff related to blogging.

In 2017, I started many new blogs but almost all of them Failed because I was moving to a new niche after every 2 months, yes, that was one of my biggest blogging mistakes

But thanks to some of the websites like ShoutMeloud, Backlinko, Winning WP & smart blogger which helped me to realize my mistake and taught me the right strategy to grow a blog.

From 2017-2018 I started a few new blogs again including a few affiliate sites and I gave my 100% in the direction. 

Finally today I am proudly running some good sites in 2019 which is giving me a good profit.

And yes,  I recently started a new Blog named “Blogging Nova” where I share everything that I have learned in the last few years so that a new blogger do not have to commit the same mistakes.

3. Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

I guess my passion for blogging and patience are two of the strength that really helped me in my journey.

Even though I was not making any money for more than 2-3 year, still I stick to my goal and finally, I am getting positive results.

Secondly, If I was not passionate about what I am doing then I don’t think I may have running Blogging Nova or other sites Because when I decided to pursue CA course, I hardly manage to get time from my study.

Sometimes it also feels that my study is getting affected and I should quit blogging.

But I try my best to prioritize my time and manage both things in the best possible way.

4. What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?

Networking with other people in your industry is the best way to grow your blog. Let’s understand it with an example.

See, since I and you (Sanu) networked and befriended each other, you invited me for Interview and I agreed. 

Now you are giving me exposure through this interview and I am sharing my journey with you and your reader which will help you in getting more exposure for your blog. 

So, It’s a win-win situation for all! 

I will recommend all of you to make new friends and network every day. Share other blogger’s works, read their article and leave a genuine comment, Join the facebook group and help each other, etc. 

With time you will start getting results.

5. What would be your ideal working environment?

Personally, I don’t have any specific preference. For me, blogging is my passion and I do it entirely in my spare time. Anywhere anytime.

6. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

First things first, I am not good at time management at all. However, I still try to utilize my time in the best possible manner. 

As I mentioned earlier Whatever free time I get in a day after studies and personal works, Rather than wasting that time I give it to blogging.

To make sure that I utilize the time to its great efficiency, I follow different strategies. For example – I make an editorial calendar at the beginning of every month.

It helps me to know what topics or keyword I have to cover on my blog in a month. 

As well as I use a few great tools which automate most of the work and help me save more time for content writing. 

7. What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

First thing, I try to write in-depth and quality content. And this has definitely helped me to get more traffic.

For Example – I have recently published a 6000+ words article on “How to increase website speed” and I got amazing feedback about this article from my readers.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should write a long-form of content just for the sake of increasing the number of words. If you are covering a topic which demands only 1000 words then it is ok to publish a 1000 word article.

Next, As my Blog Blogging Nova is new, so it is not easy for me to get huge organic traffic for this blog. This is where networking has helped me.

In the last few months, I have connected with many bloggers in our industry through Joining Facebook Group, Email, Twitter, Blog commenting, etc.

And those guys have helped me a lot by sharing my content with their audience and in this way, I get more and more exposure for my blog.

8. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Firstly, I am trying to improve my writing skills and I am currently working on this. I am trying to read at least one new blog post every day as well I am also writing at least 5000 words in a week.

Next, I am not good at time management so I am also working on how I can manage my time in the best possible manner.

9. Did you have any professional help or did you created the blog yourself?

I have not taken any help from the professionals for creating my website. Ever since I came to know about WordPress, I have created more than 20 WordPress site, some for myself and some of them for friends.

Whenever I need any technical help, I just google it and get the answer. So, it is as simple as that.

10. How much time do you spend blogging?

As I mentioned earlier, I have no fixed time table. But on average I spend more than 2-4 hour per day on my blogs. More than half of the time I spent on facebook groups and answering to the messages I get from my blogging buddies. 

and the other half is spent on creating content, maintaining blogs etc.

11. Describe your writing process, from concept to publishing?

So, my writing process is very similar to most of the Bloggers. Whenever I get an idea of a new blog post, I first do keyword research and find some good keywords around the topic.

After that, I analyze the top 20 contents already existing for that topic, so that I can create better content than all of them. 

Next, I use tools like CoSchedule and sumo to find a powerful headline that can grab the reader’s attention.

Then I create an overall Blog layout or structure with all the heading and subheading I need to cover in my article. And finally, I start writing the article.

As I mostly write a long-form of the content so it takes me a few days to complete a whole article and once done I just publish it to my blog.

12. Suggestion for my blog

I guess it’s been more than a month when I came to know about your blog. Your blog design is superb and the quality of your content is also very good.

Interviews with the other bloggers in the industry are always considered great to take your blog to the next level, so keep doing them and make sure to ask different questions to everyone. ?

Apart from that write 2500+ words article with proper keyword research and on-page SEO optimization, You’ll definitely start seeing the positive results in the coming days.

13. Message to Mastery Blogging Readers

I believe Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme, Some people always get fascinated with others’ success. In fact, in the beginning, days I also got fascinated with other’s blog success and that’s the reason I started many blogs in a different niche and every blog got failed. 

So work on a blog that is based on your interest and work with patience. If you are doing everything in a strategic way then maybe you’ll take more time than others to get success but you’ll definitely get success.

Final Words !!!

Thanks, Shivam for taking the time to share your advice and story with the Mastery Blogging.

If you would like to learn about other bloggers and how they are finding success online, be sure to read through our blogger’s interview series.

Sanu Kumar Singh

Written by Sanu Singh (Author)

Hi, I'm Sanu, the voice behind MasteryBlogging. I write tutorials on blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Follow me on Twitter and Linkedin.

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