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When it comes down to creating an online platform, we face various technical obstacles. Avoid wasting time and money on expensive web designers.

Use ready-made templates that can be easily tailored to your business project.

But where to find premium templates at an affordable price?

The answer is simple.

The TemplateMonster marketplace is a digital design platform that offers thousands of web solutions for any business.

There is a wide selection of templates for TemplateMonster Black Friday deals that include:

  • HTML5 Site Templates.
  • WooCommerce templates.
  • Shopify templates.
  • CMS templates.
  • WordPress templates.
  • Landing page templates.
  • Joomla templates, and other website templates and online stores.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Professional presentations.

You will also find a rich assortment of media files and plugins. TemplateMonster has everything you need to bring your project online.

Key Features of TemplateMonster Black Friday Products:

Ready-made templates and other web products of the marketplace have many great features. Let’s mention some of them:

Multipurpose: Find a website template for any business project, from beauty salon layouts to concrete sales templates.

Blog integration: With this feature, you can easily interact with your potential clients. This allows you to inform customers about completed or future projects, updates in the company, and other important information.

Integration into Google Maps: Let your customers find the company’s office on Google Maps. This is convenient because most Internet users often check it to find out the company’s address or the reviews of other customers before buying a service or product.

SEO optimization: SEO is a set of algorithms whose main purpose is to improve the visibility of a website. Every online business should consider this factor. With our templates, you will quickly notice an improvement in your search engine rankings.

Integration into social networks: The “share” button on popular social networks generates free advertising. Satisfied customers can share their positive experiences with a particular service or product. Their friends and relatives will see this and may contact you when they need such a service.

Mobile version: Today, more and more people are reading the news and shopping online with their smartphones. Obviously, the number of mobile users is constantly growing.

Therefore, all modern enterprises must pay attention to the quality of the mobile version of their site. Their templates are designed to be easy to read and navigate with minimal resizing and scrolling on all devices, including mobile. This positively affects sales and business success.

TemplateMonster Service Deals

ServicesOriginal PriceRegular Discountin %SPECIAL DEALin %
SEO & Copyright Startup On-Page SEO$12715%$12715%
Extended On-Page SEO$25415%$25415%
Premium On-Page SEO$42415%$42415%
Copywriting Service$7515%$7515%
All-in-One Premium Ready-to-use Service Before $1657After $1199

Check out our WordPress Black Friday deals page to know more.

MonsterONE Black Friday Promotions [15% Off on All Packages!]

Tired of searching for pre-made items for your platform fall over the Internet? Then consider the MonsterONE Black Friday subscription.

Forget about long hours of finding everything needed. All the necessary items are in one particular place. So, what does their subscription stand for?

MonsterONE is a wonderful solution for web design professionals, website development, e-commerce, and similar purposes. A subscription gives you unlimited access to premium web assets. So, instead of paying for each template separately, pay once and assess multiple projects simultaneously.

It is a cost-effective offer since the subscription cost is almost the same as one template. MonsterONE helps create a unique online project with plugins and other exclusive services available only to subscribers.

The collection is constantly growing. Be sure you get the trendiest items. Isn’t it great? With MonsterONE, you get: 

  • CMS templates.
  • HTML templates.
  • WordPress
  • Audio.
  • 3D.
  • Plugins.
  • Graphics.
  • Video files.
  • Presentations.

Advantages of MonsteONE

MonsterONE service boasts a wide range of cutting-edge benefits; they include:

  • High-quality products;
  • Unlimited access to the best CMS and HTML templates, top-rated plugins and extensions;
  • 100% secure payment methods;
  • Access to premium services;
  • Moreover, a professional technical team is always ready to help you for 362 days, 24/7. 

Get an unlimited license for as many web products at once as you need. Creative choices for creative people are nearby!

Promotion DateDiscount
Presale19-21/1115% Off – $ 172 / $ 229
Main PromotionStart
Creative yearly –  $85 /  $93
Creative monthly – $24
All-in-One $159 /  $229
Lifetime – $569  / $749
Main Promotion
Creative yearly –  $82/  $93
Creative monthly – $24
All-in-One $169 /  $229
Lifetime – $479  / $749
Cyber ​​Monday
Creative yearly –  $79/  $93
Creative monthly – $24
All-in-One $159 /  $229
Lifetime – $499  / $749

Each package includes:

Creative: The package provides unlimited downloads of graphics, video and audio assets, presentation samples. As well, it also covers 1-year technical support for any of your projects. 

All-in-one: The following plan grants all the options from the previous package but covers additional advantages. They include  WordPress and CMS themes, E-commerce samples, and modern plugins.

All-in-one Unlimited: The particular plan is the most comprehensive one, offering you lifetime access to the products from our collections. This cost-efficient option is a perfect solution for experienced designers and business owners who run several online platforms simultaneously.

Single Purchase or MonsterONE?

TemplateMonster platform offers you several ways to get our designs. Along with the free downloads, you may also refer to a single purchase or a subscription.

Each option has its advantages and is best for different goals. If you need a web product for one occasion, a single investment is a good choice. On the other hand, if you are a web designer or own an e-store, you might need many graphic elements, plugins, or video/audio files.

Subscribing to MonsterONE is the best solution.

Instead of paying around 70$ for a single product, you can get unlimited access to multiple for the same price. Save money and subscribe to MonsterONE.

If you’ve any questions about TemplateMonster Black Friday Deals then post a comment below!

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How I finally cracked the code of affiliate marketing...

I started affiliate marketing back in 2020, as a pandemic project.

I struggled to gain traction with it for a long time.

The whole process was tough – from managing heaps of affiliate links to finding (and negotiating) the best programs, and just keeping everything on my site well-organized.

It felt like never-ending chaos.

And I just didn't make much money from it.

Perhaps you're in the same boat.

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly woke up one morning to a flurry of emails (see my recent payments proof below):

In that week, my view of affiliate marketing changed forever.

So what caused this shift?

Well, I owe much of this success to an amazing WordPress tool called Lasso​.

It's the ultimate affiliate marketer's partner – created by affiliate marketers at the top of their game.

With Lasso, you can:

  • Create gorgeous product display boxes to maximize your conversions
  • Boost revenue by spotting juicy new affiliate opportunities across your entire site (this is my favourite feature)
  • Easily track and manage all affiliate links on your WordPress website in one handy dashboard
  • Elegantly cloak your links rather than having them chock full of messy affiliate text
  • Import all Amazon SiteStripe links with just one click (super handy if you're using Amazon Associates)

So if, like me, you've been struggling to make affiliate marketing work for you, it's worth giving Lasso a try.

Click here to watch a demo.

In short, Lasso is the best WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. If you want to earn more affiliate income and grow your niche site, you need Lasso!

Until next time, happy blogging!


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