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How to Automatically Generate Image Alt Text in WordPress (Using Content AI)

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How to Automatically Generate Image Alt Text in WordPress

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Are you tired of manually writing alt text for every single image in your WordPress posts?

It’s time-consuming and can feel like a tedious chore.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: Content AI.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use Content AI to automatically generate accurate and optimized image alt text in WordPress, saving you valuable time and effort while improving your site’s performance.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at what Content AI is all about.

What is Content AI?

Content AI is a powerful suite of AI-powered tools integrated into the Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress. It aims to help users create, optimize, and improve their website content for better search engine rankings and overall performance.

Content AI Website

Here’s what Rank Math Content AI offers:

  • RankBot: A personal AI assistant within your WordPress editor that assists with research and gathers insights on your chosen topic. You can prompt RankBot with questions to receive relevant and reliable answers.
  • AI-Powered Content Generation: Generate various forms of content, including blog posts, outlines, introductions, conclusions, product descriptions, and more. It can also help you brainstorm ideas and create compelling headlines.
  • SEO Optimization: Content AI seamlessly integrates with Rank Math’s SEO features to optimize your content with one click. This includes generating SEO meta tags (including Open Graph), researching target keywords, and optimizing content for better search engine rankings.
  • Additional Tools: Rank Math Content AI offers tools to generate FAQs, write social media posts, and even create engaging video scripts.
  • Credit System: Content AI operates on a credit system. Free Rank Math users receive a limited number of credits each month, while premium users and Content AI subscribers receive more.

How to access Rank Math Content AI:

  • Install Rank Math SEO: If you haven’t already, install and activate the Rank Math SEO plugin on your WordPress website.
  • Content AI Module: The Content AI module should be activated by default. If not, go to Rank Math SEO > Dashboard > Modules and enable it.
  • Access Content AI Tools: Navigate to Rank Math SEO > Content AI to access the various Content AI tools, such as the Content Editor, SEO Meta AI Tool, and more.

For more details, check out our full Rank Math Content AI review.

Why Adding Alt Text to Your Images is Important?

Alt text, or alternative text, might sound technical, but it’s simply a hidden description for images on your webpage. Here’s why you should definitely use it:

  • Accessibility: Alt text helps people who use screen readers understand what your image is all about. This way, everyone can enjoy and navigate your website easily, no matter how they access it.
  • SEO Benefits: Search engines rely on alt text to grasp the content of your images, which helps them show up in image search results. This can drive more traffic to your site and help more people find you.

In short, alt text makes your site better for everyone—both visitors and search engines. So, don’t overlook it.

How Content AI Helps You Create Alt Text for Your Images?

Imagine having a tool that looks at your images and writes spot-on descriptions for you. That’s exactly what Content AI does.

It takes a good look at the visual elements in your images and comes up with descriptive text that perfectly captures what each image is about.

This means you get the benefit of time-saving and ensuring your images have the right, SEO-friendly alt text.

Using this feature is very easy. It works right inside the WordPress Editor, so you can generate alt text for each image one by one or handle a bunch all at once, straight from your page/post editor or Media Library.

How to Easily Generate Alt Text for Images With Content AI

Using Rank Math’s Content AI to generate alt text for your images is straightforward. Here’s a simple guide to get you started.

Video Tutorial

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Video Credit: Rank Math SEO YouTube Channel

First, you’ll need some Content AI credits. Each alt text generation uses 50 credits, but you can always grab a plan if you need more. The starting price is just $4.99/month (billed annually).

To begin, make sure the Content AI module is turned on. Go to your WordPress admin area, then navigate to Rank Math SEO → Dashboard. You should see an option to enable the Content AI module there.

Enable Content AI

(If you haven’t installed Rank Math yet, click here to download it now. Plus, you also get 750 free Content AI credits to get you started.)

One thing to keep in mind: the Alt Text generation feature currently supports only English, but more languages will be added soon.

Now, let’s dive into how you can use Content AI to generate alt text for your images in WordPress.

#1. Creating Alt Texts for Images in Your Post/Page Editor

Content AI is here to make your life easier by helping you generate alt text for your images, either while you upload them or after they’ve been added to your post or page.

Here’s how you can do it:

When you upload an image straight from your WordPress editor (like in the snapshot below), just pick the image you want to work with.

Media Library

On the right sidebar, you’ll see a button labelled “Generate Alt” next to the box where you’d usually type the description. Click that button, and in a few seconds, the AI will create accurate and descriptive alt text for your image.

Alt Text Generator by Content AI

Then, click the “Select” button to add the image to your content.

Or, if your images are already in your post or page, you can still add alt text. Click on the image, dive into its settings, and there you’ll find the “Generate Alt” option next to “Alternative Text“. Click, and let Content AI do its magic.

Content AI Image Alt Text Generator

Once Content AI has created the description, take a quick look to make sure it’s right. Then don’t forget to “Publish” or “Update” your post so that your changes are saved.

#2. Adding Alt Text to Images in Bulk with Content AI

Have you already written your blog posts or finished your pages, but forgot to add alt text to your images? No problem. Content AI can help you quickly add alt text to all your images at once.

Here’s how it works:

Go to your WordPress Pages or Posts section. Then, check the boxes next to the posts or pages where you want to add alt text to the images.

Pages or Posts in WordPress

Next, from the “Bulk actions” dropdown, choose “Write Image Alt Text with AI” and click “Apply” to start the process.

Click on the Bulk Actions Dropdown

You’ll now see a message confirming that the process has started. After a few minutes (depending on how much content you have), you can check the results and make any necessary adjustments before publishing.

Important: This awesome feature is only available for users who have a Content AI subscription.

#3. Adding Alt Text to Images in Your WordPress Media Library

Besides adding Alt Texts to images while you’re writing or editing a post or page, you can also do it right in your WordPress Media Library. Here’s how you can do it:

First, go to your WordPress dashboard and head to the Media section. If you’re uploading a new image, click “Add New Media File” and choose the image you want to add from your computer.

Edit Option

After it’s uploaded, click “Edit” next to the image. Scroll down and you’ll see a button labeled “Generate Alt” next to the “Alternative Text” field. Click it, and Content AI will quickly write a description for your image.

Edit Media Files

Check it over, and if it looks good, hit “Update” to save it.

Update Button

If you’re working with images you’ve already uploaded, go to “Media Library” from your dashboard. Here, you have two options: you can add alt text to images one by one, or do a bunch at once.

Media Library WP

For single images, click on the image to open its details. You’ll find the same “Generate Alt” button we mentioned earlier. Click it, and the AI will write a description for you.

Using the Generate Alt button by Content AI

Easy peasy, right? Now all your images are ready to shine.

#4. Easily Generate Alt Text for Multiple Images in Your Media Library

If you want to add alt text to multiple images in your Media Library all at once using Content AI, here’s how you can do it:

First, head to your Media Library and click the “Bulk select” button. Then, simply choose the images you want to add alt text to.

Bulk Select

Once you’ve selected them, just click the “Generate Alt with AI” button (it’s right above your images).

Select Images in Media Library

You’ll now see a message confirming the process has started. After a bit, the AI will have added descriptions to all your chosen images.

Bulk Image Alt Text Generation Started

Once it’s done, take a moment to review the alt text to ensure it’s accurate.

And that’s it. Now you know how to automatically generate image alt text in WordPress with Content AI.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please let us know by leaving a comment below. We’ll be happy to help you out.

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