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Flywheel Growth Suite Review 2023: Features, Pricing, and Benefits (With Pros and Cons)

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Want to know the conclusion without reading this post? If so then, here’s a quick summary of our Growth Suite review:

Overall Rating★★★★
Value For Money★★★★★
Essential FeaturesClient and site management branded client reports, billing, and managed WordPress hosting
Growth DashboardYes
Client reportsYes
Support Options24/7 Phone / Live Chat / Docs
PricingStarts at $113/month
Who is it ForAgencies, freelancers, high-traffic sites, woo commerce sites, and marketing teams

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that will help you to grow your agency and streamline your services then Growth Suite is worth checking out! You get access to all the powerful tools under a single dashboard. Overall, It is simple, fast, and easy to get started.

Insider Tip: The secret part is you can get started with a 14-day trial to test the full power of the platform and its features.

✅ Normally Starts at $113/mo (billed annually)
✅ Monthly Subscription at $135
✅ Client management and portal
✅ 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Flywheel Growth Suite

Affiliate Disclosure — I’m an affiliate of Flywheel Web Hosting, which means if you purchase a product through my affiliate links, I will get a small incentive at no extra cost to you. I only recommend services I’ve used and stand proudly behind. Thank you for the support!

Flywheel’s Growth Suite Review

Whether you’re an agency owner or a freelance professional, Growth Suite needs to be considered. And in this guide, we’ll help you decide if Growth Suite is the right choice for your business.

We’ll go over its features, benefits, pricing, pros, and cons. Let’s find out the answer below.

But before diving into our Flywheel’s Growth Suite review, let’s take a look at the pain points that agencies are battling these days.

Flywheel Growth Suite Review

Growing creative agencies often face a dilemma as they begin taking on new business – there can be a lot of distractions and pain points to overcome such as:

  • Revenue tracking can be a headache.
  • Billing and invoicing are a lot to manage.
  • Putting your clients first is hard when you’re bogged down with inconsistent workflows.
  • You want to grow, but being data-informed is not as easy as it may sound!
  • And different apps and software can become a lot to manage.

What if there was an easy way to bring all of these processes together under one umbrella and builds a stronger relationship with your clients?

Meet Flywheel’s Growth Suite.

What is Flywheel Growth Suite?

Growth Suite is a set of powerful tools, specifically built for freelancers and agency owners to grow their businesses. It lets you manage everything from robust billing to bulk site management to personal support for each one of your clients, all under a single dashboard.

Growth Suite has been used by hundreds of freelance web developers and large organizations (or agencies) including big names like Handyman Marketing Pros. You may also want to see how Handyman Marketing Pros grow their monthly recurring revenue by 60%.

It gives you an intuitive dashboard with detailed insights that will help you to build a sustainable growth model that takes your agency or freelance business to the next level. If you’re serious, then Growth Suite is the go-to solution.

Note: Growth Suite is created by the team at Flywheel. You can try out their services risk-free for 14 days.

That being said, let’s see what are the features and benefits of using the Growth suite.

6 Reasons to try Growth Suite this year (Features & Benefits)

Are you ready to take your agency business to the next level? Here are the 6 major reasons to consider Growth Suite this year.

1) Growth Dashboard.

With the introduction of the Growth Dashboard, users will no longer need to go through each individual project and add their monthly costs or revenue.

Flywheel Growth Suite Dashboard

From your growth dashboard, you can easily see everything you’ve done for your clients in one place. It shows you all the key stats like monthly recurring revenue and average revenue per client/month at your pulse.

2) Bulk Site Management.

Flywheel knows that building and managing a large number of WordPress sites can be the tricky part and time-consuming, especially when you’re a freelancer. As your business grows, it becomes very difficult to keep track of your site’s information. How do you know if plugins are not updated or if site storage is full?

With Bulk Site Management, you will get real-time stats about your site in one place. This includes the site’s stats, site options like SSL certification, and plugins.

All Sites

3) Branded Reports for Clients.

Want to show your value to clients? With Growth Suite, you can easily create, and schedule agency-branded reports (your logo and colours) for your clients integrated with Hosting stats, Google Analytics stats, site performance, and more. You can save tons of hours by automating reports with Growth Suite.

Branded Reports for Client

Growth Suite’s branded report is one of the best ways to turn one-time clients into recurring clients.

Here’s how you can schedule or send the invoices to your clients:

  • Set up the client » Billing Information » Invoice details.
  • and then click on the “Send to Client” button to submit the invoice.
  • That’s it.

4) Service creation.

Service creation is yet another benefit of using Growth Suite. It allows users to customize the list of services they already have such as web design, hosting, or content management.

Service Creation

It lets you create different tiers of service, bill your clients in the currency of their choice, and in the end, make it recurring or one-time services that you wish to offer. Once the services are created, you can now automate the billing for those services.

5) Client Portal.

This is a place (or customer portal) where your clients can visit their dashboard, make payments securely, view invoices, and contact your support team for help if needed.

6) Resell-managed WordPress hosting.

With the help of Growth Suite, you can now earn monthly recurring revenue by reselling Flywheel’s managed WordPress hosting along with your existing services.

Resell managed WordPress hosting

Overall pros and cons of Growth Suite

Before we wrap up our Growth Suite review, let’s quickly summarize its benefits and downsides.

Growth Suite Cons

  • High priced

Check out Growth Suite and its pricing

Flywheel offers two standard pricing packages for small agencies and freelancers and a customizable option for larger organizations, no matter how many sites your team manages.

Here’s the breakdown of their pricing plans:

Freelance Plan

  • Pricing starts at $135 per month.
  • Up to 10 sites
  • 100,000 monthly visits.
  • 20 GB of Storage.
  • 200 GB of bandwidth.

Agency Plan

  • Pricing starts at $330 per month.
  • Up to 30 sites
  • 400,000 monthly visits.
  • 50 GB of Storage.
  • 500 GB of bandwidth.

Flexible Custom Plan:

  • Starting at 100 sites
  • 1.6M+ visits monthly visits
  • 120 GB+ storage
  • 1 TB+ bandwidth

So what are you waiting for? Put your skates on and get started with a free 14-day trial of Growth Suite.

What if you’re not happy with their service?

If you ever feel that Growth Suite is not for you, they’ll gladly provide a full refund if you request it within 14 days of purchase. Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one.

What other Customers think about Growth Suite

Want to know the real feedback about Growth Suite from other customers? Let’s find out.

“From that clear view of revenue to hosting and production tools, to all of the awesome billing and client management solutions it includes, we could not have grown the way we have without Growth Suite.”

Jason Call

Jason Call

“Everything has been seamless and all of the features are incredibly helpful. Previously, I had no clue what my monthly income was, now I’m tracking my overall ROI and making data-informed decisions.”

Timothy Farzalo

Timothy Farzalo

“Growth Suite is the evolution of billing for freelancers and agencies that we’ve been missing. It’s hands-down the best way to bill your clients.”

Brad Hogan

Brad Hogan

How to get started with Growth Suite?

Ready to get started? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get a site up and running on Flywheel in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Visit Flywheel’s growth suite page.

Go to and upon visiting their homepage, click on the “Get Started” button.

Flywheel Growth Suite

Step 2: Choose your plan.

Next, you need to select the plan that suits you the best. We recommend the Flywheel Freelance plan, which costs $113/month.

Once you finalize your plan, click on Get Started button to continue.

Growth Suite Plans

Step 3: Create your new account

Now, enter your email address, username, and password to create an account on Flywheel.

Create your new account

Step 4: Enter subscription details and select the data center

On the next page, you need to add a subscription name (Enter the name of your company) and select a data center. You have 5 data centers to choose from.

Enter subscription name and select data center

After that, click on the “Create Organization” button to create an Organization. It allows your team to manage sites & clients in a single dashboard.

Create your Organization

Next, you need to select a subscription. They offer you both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

The good thing here is that you’ll receive 2 months of free service if opted for yearly plans which would cost you $113 per month (billed annually).

Step 5: Add your payment method

Click on the “ADD PAYMENT METHOD” button to enter your credit card details.

Your payment method

Step 6: Enter the Billing address and checkout

Now you need to enter your billing address for your subscription. This includes address, city, postal code, country, and so on.

Billing address for your subscription

Once you add all the information correctly, look at the billing summary section and click on the Checkout button to complete your purchase.

Billing summary 1

That’s it! You have successfully signed up with Flyhweel’s Growth Suite.

Wondering what to do next now? Click this link right here to know the first step.

Final Verdict: Should You Go For Growth Suite?

In our opinion, Growth Suite is worth every single penny since it’s packed with tons of great features and is easy to manage all your sites, clients, and workflows from a single place. It is everything you need to scale your business with ease and ultimately helps you to earn recurring revenue from your clients.

If you’re serious, then Growth Suite is the go-to solution.

Want to test-drive the platform yourself? Sign up for your risk-free Flywheel account today and get a full 14-day money-back guarantee, if it doesn’t work so well.

And that’s it. We hope you found our Flyhweel’s growth suite review helpful. If you’ve any questions, let me know by leaving a comment below – We will be happy to help you out.

✅ Normally Starts at $113/mo (billed annually)
✅ No hidden fees
✅ Monthly Subscription at $135
✅ Client management and portal
✅ 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Flywheel Growth Suite
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