How to Dominate Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing is always changing because the digital marketing industry expands very rapidly. People access a lot of information and research before taking any action.

So if you have content and knowledge then you will become the king of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not a single marketing in include many strategy and skill which technique will work well and have the growth potential to dominate in 2020.

That’s probably why you’re reading this article. You want to know the best place to start in 2020. 

Ten ways to Dominate Digital Marketing in 2020

Are you ready? Let’s go.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is always evergreen because it’s an organic and priceless traffic source for the website.  

SEO demand is Increasing day by day but it’s hard to beat search engine ranking factors two-three years ago ranking on Google is very easy.

Websites easily rank on the first page of google.

As era changing google change their search engine ranking factors and adding new algorithms.

People believe more on organic results than paid ads. It’s a cost-saving process.

If you find a way to beat SEO ranking factors then it will life-changing for you in 2020.

2. Video Marketing

Humans become too lazy.

We don’t like to read long boring articles so much. We want that content in a visual manner.

Therefore in 2020 video content dominate more and more. 

According to one survey consumption of video content is increased 49% than textual content and customer also convert well in video content.

Because in the textual content you text describes yourself and offer which emotionless.

But in video content, you can create an emotional contact with the viewer directly.

Now video marketing not only limited to youtube but also other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat also move toward visual content.

So in 2020 video Marketing expanding very fast and first-mover get their benefits as early.

3. Influencer Marketing

People always like to follow and buy from someone they trust. That’s exactly influencer marketing works.

In 2020 you will become an influencer in any sector that you are passionate about you can create your brand and personal brand and start to promote it should start with the website and blog. 

Start to create your followers based and engage with them share your tips and tricks and study with people as you create your product to sell your audience.

Be precautions because influence marketing is not a game of one day one week of one month you need to have patience and keep doing your work.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to increase traffic and sales. The affiliate marketing concept is so simple and revenue share model.

It’s nothing new but no everyone executes it properly.

Affiliate marketing is an automated process in which you get paid once you get sales.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t restrict the industry-specific as it works in each Industry.

Also start an affiliate marketing agency helps businesses to provide them, affiliate marketers.

5. Remarketing

According to research the average of 2% audience converts in the first visit that’s why keep tracking the audience and retarget your bounced traffic to boost sales.

Retargeting concept simple first if all embed JavaScript code on your website and when someone visits your website, a cookie gets placed on their device.

Their cookie ID is added to your remarketing audience list and later on, you can follow their footsteps on different ad media.

Now many competitors of any industry use this technique and if you ignore it then you lost a big market share of your expenses.

For regathering, Facebook is one of the best channels to start because almost 99.99% of internet users using Facebook right now.

You can embed Facebook pixel code on your website and start facebook regathering within a seconds.

Also more platforms like google ads remarketing, retargeted and more…

6. Live chat or chatbots

Live chat is part of sales marketing to establish long time communication with the customer.

A bit to hire a live chat team is very costly, not economical to small business but time-consuming.

What’s the Solution?

 technology is a boon for us at that time because chatbots are developed. AI-based chatbots can save both time and money.

7. Mobile and Voice Search

Only a couple of years ago, speaking into your mobile device was unprecedented. In 2019, over half all internet searches were conducted on mobile devices where over 30% of those searches were voice queries.

Estimates predict that over half all queries in 2020 are going to be voice searches.

Optimize Content for Voice Search

More and more individuals and consumers are opting to use voice search instead of text.

This is often because the software that facilitates like Siri, Ok Google, Alexa, and Cortana now feature a very low error rate.

This suggests that marketers will need to optimize their content with the foremost popular keywords likely to be employed by the buyer.

What to Expect

More marketers will make sure that their content is discoverable from any sort of search to extend visibility, lead generation, and user conversion.

8. Quality Content

Content remains the King! Software that mimics AI is already getting used to getting content for websites.

That said, nothing beats a top-quality content produced by humans – be it a piece of writing, video, FAQs or photo.

What the solution?

Create Quality Meaningful Articles

Longer meaningful content is going to be within the rise to rank better on search engines and overall digital footprint.

Periodical New Content

The need to supply periodic media and content is going to be essential to remain on top of consumers’ screens.

2020 will likely see more companies, like major publishers and news outlets, invest in AI software for content creation as they become more popular.

Good writers are going to be in high demand and lots of SMB will outsource media and content production to professional creators vs in-house content creation.

9. Understand Analytics 

This is a challenge for even the foremost dedicated business homeowners as a result of there’s such a lot data accessible. Some is free, some needs the utilization of expensive tools, however all of it’s valuable.

Learning however and what to harvest from the analytics related to your website and your selling is one in each of the sole ways in which to regulate, tweak and improve digital selling that may dominate the business.

To learn analytics helps to arrange the long run vision of business and selling. so you it use he analytics.

10. Branding

We board a time once customers are spoiled for selection. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in – it’s unlikely that you just operate in an exceedingly vacuum.

69% of customers say that they feel connected to a complete whenever they trust it, and to earn their trust, you’ve got to as certain a solid complete.

The reason stigmatization is therefore vital now could be due to Google’s E.A.T. ranking issue, that stands for:

Expertise: the page has to have quality content written by a skilled author

Authority: the location itself has to have some authority on the topic

Trustworthiness: the location has to produce other authoritative links inform to that from trustworthy  sites

In essence, Google needs to try and do over rank smart content; they’re job to the user expertise by demanding  the foremost correct, up-to-date, well-researched (i.e. authoritative) content on any given topic, ideally created by true specialists within the field.

 Conclusion: Dominate Digital Marketing

As a marketer, you’re tasked to speak the proper message across various boards, raise brand awareness, increase loyalty, direct more traffic, and obtain customer engagement.

Adopting a number of the new trends and implementing appropriate techniques will put you ahead of the late adopters and competitors.

Disclaimer: This article is (guest post) written by my blogging friend Mr Bhavesh Barhate.

If you loved reading this article then share it with your friends and blogging partners or do you have any questions or something which you wanted to share then do let us know in the comment section below.

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Article by Bhavesh Barhate

Article by Bhavesh Barhate

I'm Bhavesh Barhate. I started digital Marketing at the age of 17 years & I have expertise in SEO and Paid Advertising. I have my own website ( where I share some good stuffs regarding marketing and sales.

Article by Bhavesh Barhate

Article by Bhavesh Barhate

I'm Bhavesh Barhate. I started digital Marketing at the age of 17 years & I have expertise in SEO and Paid Advertising. I have my own website ( where I share some good stuffs regarding marketing and sales.