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Cloudways Promo Code 2023 (Exclusive)

Our exclusive Cloudways promo code “CLOUD10” gets you 10% off for 3 months. This is the best Cloudways discount available, so use our Cloudways coupon code now.

Congratulations—you have found the best active Cloudways coupon!

Use the following Cloudways promo code at checkout to get 10% off for the 3 months (first three invoices):

Cloudways is going to start their Black Friday campaign in Nov-Dec 2023, check out our dedicated Black Friday article on Cloudways for more information.

Note: This is one of the best Cloudways discount codes on the internet & it will save you a bunch of your hard-earned money.

How to Use the Cloudways Promo Code?

Our exclusive Cloudways promo code helps you get the best price on their managed cloud hosting platform. All you have to do is follow the steps below and get the best discount (10% off for the first 3 months) on Cloudways hosting.

First of all, go to the official website of Cloudways and then click on the “Get Started Free“ button.

Cloudways Homepage

This will bring you to the signup page where you need to create an account by filling in your first name, last name, and password.

Once you’re done, click on the “Got a Promo Code?” link and enter our Cloudways Coupon Code (CLOUD10) into the space provided to receive a 10% discount for the first 3 months.

When you’re done, you’ll see a tick mark that means your Cloudways Promo Code has been applied successfully!

Promo Applied

Click on the ‘Start Free’ button to continue.

On the next screen, you need to verify your phone number and email to activate your account. To do this, simply click on the button that says “Verify Your Account” at the top bar (as shown in the snapshot below);

Verify Your Account

Now, enter your mobile number for phone verification and hit the “Send SMS” button.

They’ll send you a text message with a 6-digit verification code that you’ll need to enter on the next screen.

Verify Phone Number

Once you enter the verification code, click “Verify“.

Please enter your 6 digit verification code

After that, you’ll receive an activation email from the Cloudways team where you need to click on the “Activate Account” button to complete the verification process.

Verify Your Email

You will then be able to deploy your managed application. Under this, you can select:

  • Application type (WordPress, EWooCommerce, PHP,  Laravel, and Magento)
  • Cloud Server (DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Server Size
  • Server Location
Server Details

And lastly, go to Account » Credit Card » Authorize Credit Card and add your card details to pay the hosting fees. That’s it.

Note: 10% discount (for the first 3 months) will be redeemed automatically to your account. You may check this under the “Billing” section.

Cloudways is one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting companies, and we’re proud to be able to offer you a coupon code that can help you save money on your web hosting.

Just REMEMBER, our Cloudways discount code is available for a limited time only. So hurry up and grab the Cloudways coupon now!

Why You Should Choose Cloudways Hosting in 2023?

Cloudways is the world’s leading managed WordPress hosting provider. It offers reliable, secure, and scalable cloud-based hosting for WordPress websites at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors.

But if you are still wondering why to choose Cloudways for your website hosting then let me show you some of its major benefits, including:

1. High-Speed Performance:

Cloudways believes in delivering a high-performance experience to its customers. With all the technologies at their disposal, it’s no wonder they’re able to provide the best performance for their customers.

It also has a blazing-fast CDN service for your site files, which means less load time for visitors and faster page load times. If you’re looking to speed up your website’s performance, then we highly recommend you try it out today!

2. Install Unlimited Websites or Applications:

The ability to install unlimited websites or applications is one of the most attractive features of Cloudways. This feature will help you save on your hosting fees and also increase your website’s functionality. You can now host unlimited sites, applications, and databases for a small monthly fee.

3. Staging Area:

Cloudways provides a staging environment for you to test your applications and push the changes in the live version without any downtime. The staging environment is completely separate from the live environment so that when you make changes in the staging environment, it won’t affect the live version.

It can be managed easily by creating a separate account and managing it separately.

4. Free SSL Certificates:

In the modern era, people are more conscious of their privacy and data security. People are using different methods to protect their data from hackers and make sure that no one can read their data or steal their information.

One of the best methods is to use HTTPS (or Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate), which is an encrypted protocol that protects your website against hackers.

You’ll be glad to know that Cloudways offers 1-Click SSL installation for free so you don’t have to pay any extra money for this service.

5. Website Migration is Free:

Migrating your website to a new web host can be a hassle. With Cloudways, you can easily migrate your website from another web host and keep all the data intact.

They offer migration services at no cost and take care of all the technical aspects of migrating websites from other web hosts. This makes it possible for you to focus on what matters most: getting your business up and running with Cloudways’ secure and reliable hosting platform!

6. Backup & Restore:

Backups are a critical part of keeping your data safe. It’s important to have them, but they’re also time-consuming and can be a hassle. That’s why they’ve created an easy-to-use service that lets you create backups with just one click. You can even restore them with just one click if something goes wrong!

7. Dedicated Support Team:

Cloudways offers 24/7/365 Live Chat, which is an easy way to get help and guidance when using the Cloudways Platform. Their highly-trained team of experts is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

8. Regular Security Patching:

Security patches are not a guarantee that your server will be safe, but they do make it much harder for hackers to gain access. By making sure that you have the latest OS and security updates installed on your server, you are reducing the risk of getting hacked.

9. Premium Add-ons:

Add-ons are an integral part of Cloudways and they provide you with various web services to enhance your experience, such as:

  • SMTP service
  • CloudwaysCDN
  • Rackspace Email
  • Application services

10. No Long-Term Contract:

Cloudways offers a pay-as-you-go payment model, allowing you to pay only for what you’ve used. No contract or minimum commitments are required.

Simply sign up and start using their cloud servers right away! (don’t forget to use our Cloudways promo code: CLOUD10 at checkout to get a 10% discount).

IMPORTANT: Recently Cloudways has launched a new feature called Cloudflare integration. Be sure to read my full review by clicking on the link below:

Cloudways and Cloudflare Enterprise Integration Review: Everything You NEED to Know.

Cloudways Pricing Packages (With 10% Discount Coupon)

Cloudways pricing is designed to be flexible, with no long-term contracts. Pricing varies based on the resources you need and the features you want.

The pay-as-you-go model of Cloudways allows customers to control their hosting expenses.

Let’s take a quick overview of each plan:

Server NameRAMProcessorStorageBandwidthMonthly Price
DigitalOcean Standard1GB1 Core25GB1TB$10.00/month
DigitalOcean Premium2GB1 Core50GB2TB$22.00/month
Linode1GB1 Core25GB1TB$12.00/month
Vultr1GB1 Core25GB1TB$11.00/month
AWS Small2GB2vCPU20GB2GB$36.51/month
GCE Small1.70GB1vCPU20GB2GB$33.18/month

In terms of pricing, DigitalOcean is much cheaper than other providers.

However, Vultr makes a good balance between price, resources, and performance. For more information, visit the Cloudways pricing page.

Which Cloudways plan is best for you?

Cloudways has a lot of options for different price points, so it’s hard to pick the best one. We recommend DigitalOcean if you’re looking for a high-performance cloud hosting service that is relatively affordable.

It has enough resources to get your website going and it’s easy to scale up as your business grows. Try out Cloudways today and experience the difference!

Overall Pros and Cons of Cloudways + Reviews

Before you redeem our Cloudways Promo Code, let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons.


  • Dedicated Security
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Integrations & Addons
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • High-Speed Performance
  • Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)


  • No Free Domain
  • No cPanel or Plesk

Apart from this, they have a very impressive rating on Trustpilot and have earned an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 1200 reviews on the platform.

Cloudways review on Trustpilot

All in all, it looks like Cloudways does a good job at satisfying its customers and keeping up its reputation as a reliable provider!

FAQs About Cloudways Discount Code

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Cloudways coupons and discount codes.

Is Cloudways good for beginners?

Cloudways is a great choice for beginners. You can use it to start a blog or even develop an e-commerce website with ease. Cloudways offers an array of features and customization options that are unmatched by other hosting companies.

How much is Cloudways monthly?

Cloudways offers an extensive range of plans for each cloud provider, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. The most popular cloud providers are DigitalOcean ($10/month) and Vultr ($11/month), but there are others as well. For more information please visit their pricing page.

Does Cloudways offer a money-back guarantee?

Cloudways does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Which is the best Cloudways promo code in 2023 to get the maximum discount?

You can use the coupon code “CLOUD10” to get 10% off for the first three months on all Cloudways plans.

Does Cloudways offer a free trial?

Yes, Cloudways offers a free trial that lasts for 3 days (no credit card required). During the free trial, you can test their platform and see if it suits your needs.

How long is Cloudway’s free trial?

The duration of the Cloudways free trial is 3 days.

How to get Cloudways free trial?

To access the free trial, you need to sign up for an account with Cloudways and go through the verification process. Once you complete the process, you will receive an email from Cloudways notifying you that they have added your details to their database. You can now use any of the Cloudways services free of charge until three days have passed.

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Final Thoughts on Cloudways Promo Code

And that’s it for today!

If you’re ready to get the best deal on Cloudways then click this link right here to get started with our Cloudways promo code today! It’s the best discount available for new customers.

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Perhaps you're in the same boat.

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