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A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2023: Up to 85% OFF ($1.99/Month Sale is Live)

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A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2023
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The Black Friday Sale of A2 Hosting is live and this year, you can get up to 85% off on their hosting plans. It’s the perfect time to get started with A2 Hosting.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal from A2 Hosting is going to expire in the next couple of days so hurry up and grab the offer today.


  • Good Loading Speed
  • Great Uptime – 99.99%
  • Powerful Security
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Anytime Money-Back Guarantee


  • Domain name is not free
  • Renewal price is high

Looking for information on A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2023? Read this article to find out more about how to get the best Black Friday deal of the year on A2 Hosting.

If you’re in a hurry, then click the button below and activate your A2 Hosting Deal Black Friday right now as they’re offering an amazing discount of up to 82% on their plans. You don’t need to enter a coupon promo because it’ll be applied automatically at checkout.

What’s the A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2023?

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal will be live from 12:00 PM EST on 2nd November until 11:59 PM EST on 30th November 2023. Here’s a quick handy summary of the A2 Hosting Sale:

PlansActual PriceBlack Friday PriceDiscountVisit Website
Startup$10.99/month$1.99/month81% OFFActivate Deal
Drive$12.99/month$4.99/month61% OFFActivate Deal
Turbo Boost$20.99/month$5.99/month71% OFFActivate Deal
Turbo Max$25.99/month$10.99/month57% OFFActivate Deal

How to Grab Black Friday A2 Hosting Deals?

STEP 1: First, go to the A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2023 page, and then, click on the Save Now button below the hosting plan that you want to purchase.

A2 Hosting BFCM Sale 2023

Tip: If you’re just getting started, we recommend choosing the “Startup Shared” because it is cheaper as compared to other plans and has all the features you need to build your site.

STEP 3: On the next page, enter your domain name and click on the ‘Use This Domain’ button.

Register a New Domain With A2Hosting

STEP 4: Fill out the required information and click on the “Submit” button to complete your purchase. That’s all!

A2 BFCM Checkout

So that’s how you can save up to 85% off on the A2 Hosting plan during the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals. If you haven’t subscribed yet, do so now because this A2 Hosting sale expires soon.

A2 Hosting Main Features

Now, let’s talk about what A2 Hosting offers you:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • WordPress site management tools
  • One-click installation for WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and more
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

Besides these features, you’ll also have cPanel, which is a handy tool for managing your WordPress sites all in one place. You can use cPanel to:

  • Manage files, like databases, images, and more.
  • Handle databases with ease using phpMyAdmin.
  • Create and edit subdomains and manage addon domains.
  • Set up email accounts, and manage email lists.

Why do people like A2 Hosting?

1. Up to 20x Faster Load Speed: A2 Hosting uses a combination of powerful Turbo servers and cutting-edge caching technology to deliver instant page load times. This means that your pages are loaded quickly and without any delays, giving your visitors a superior online experience.

2. Awesome 24/7 Live Support: The support system of A2 Hosting is tremendous, here you get the facility of 24/7 live chat support. And at the same time, they have a knowledge base documentation where there are thousands of tips and tutorials which can be useful for you.

3. Anytime-Money Back Guarantee: A2 Hosting not only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee but also allows you an anytime money-back guarantee. That means If you are not satisfied with their hosting, then a full refund will be given to you within 30 days of your purchase. If you cancel after 30 days, you will be issued a prorated refund.

4. Free Site Migration: A2 offers a free site transfer service to help you move your website to its hosting platform. This service is available to all customers who have a new account. The site transfer process is quick and easy, and you can expect the transfer to be completed within 24 hours.

5. 99.9% Uptime Commitment: It means you can be sure that your website will be online for the majority of the time. It’s more than just an empty promise; it’s a guarantee backed by real-world results. You don’t have to worry about downtime because A2 Hosting is 100% committed to providing you with an excellent hosting experience at all times.

6. Free SSD Server: Hosting on a server with an SSD will give you a 300% boost in speed, which is a lot more than what other servers offer. With A2 Hosting, you can get the benefits of SSD technology without paying a premium price.

7. Litespeed Cache: A2 Hosting takes speed seriously, and that’s the reason why they use WordPress LiteSpeed Cache, it can give you faster page loading times and a better user experience for your visitors. It is available in Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans.

8. Free SSL Certificate: SSL Certificates are a must-have for any site. It’s not just about keeping your visitors safe but also keeping yourself and your site secure from prying eyes as well. A free SSL Certificate will make it easier for you to manage your site and keep your data private. If you’re not using SSL yet, there’s no better time than now to do so because A2 Hosting offers an SSL certificate for free on all plans.

9. Free Automatic Backups: When you’re running a website, it’s vital to make sure that your site is backed up regularly. This way, if anything does go wrong with your site, you’ll be able to restore the files back to their original state. A2 Hosting’s automatic backup service ensures that no matter what happens to your site, it can be restored quickly and easily.

10. HackScan and DDOS Protection: A2 Hosting provides you with the security and stability that you need to run your website. They use a variety of security measures to ensure your site is protected from any type of attack.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale Pricing Package

A2 Hosting offers four plans for their shared hosting: Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max. Let’s take a quick look at how A2 Hosting has reduced its prices during the Black Friday sale.

A2 Hosting BFCM Plans 2023

1. Startup Plan: On regular days, the Startup plan would cost you something around $10.99 per month, but the Black Friday Deal allows you to get this plan for just $1.99 per month. If you want to create only one website then the Startup plan is best for you but it has limited features, such as:

  • Host one website
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • Free Site Transfer
  • Website Staging
  • Unlimited email accounts

2. Drive Plan: Normally, the Drive plan is priced at $4.99 but you can get 61% off this Black Friday. This plan provides you 2x resources plus you can create unlimited websites. Below are the features of the Drive Plan:

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Free Site Transfer
  • Traffic Spike Protection
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free Automatic Backups

3. Turbo Boost Plan: This plan normally costs you $20.99 per month but A2 hosting has cut down the prices to $5.99 per month for this week only. It includes all features of the drive plan, plus you will also get:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
  • All Turbo features
  • Litespeed Web Server (up to 11x faster than Apache)
  • WordPress Litespeed Cache

4. Turbo Max Plan: This is the most expensive and one of the fastest shared servers offered by A2 Hosting. Typically, Turbo Max costs $25.99/month. But with the ongoing Black Friday deal, you can get this plan for $10.99/month only. This plan has some unique features like:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
  • Turbo (up to 20x faster)
  • 5x more resources
  • Handle up to 9x more traffic
  • And much more!

**Anytime money-back guarantee**

The expiration date of A2 hosting Black Friday is very close, so make sure to grab this opportunity before it’s gone.

Don’t forget you’re fully secured with their money-back guarantee refund policy. This means that if you are not satisfied with your A2 hosting account, then you can request a full refund of the entire package within 30 days of signing up.

Other Black Friday Offers of A2 Hosting

Apart from the shared plans, A2 Hosting also offers various types of hosting such as VPS, Reseller, WooCommerce, and dedicated servers.

If shared hosting doesn’t work for you, then these are some options that can be considered, in which Black Friday deals are also going on.

Hosting TypePrice Per MonthDiscount Offer
Managed WordPress HostingFrom $7.99/mo67% OFF
Managed VPS HostingFrom $23.99/mo69% OFF
Dedicated ServersFrom $99.99/mo50% OFF
Reseller Hosting PlansFrom $16.99/mo72% OFF

So what are you waiting for?

Click this magical link right here to save up to 82% off A2 Hosting (Shared plans) during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. Order now and save big.

A2 Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some common questions about the A2 Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotion, coupons, or discount codes? Check out the answers below:

When does the A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale begin in 2023?

A2 Hosting will begin its Black Friday campaign on November 2nd. So, if you’re looking to get your business online this holiday season, now is the time to do it.

How much is A2 Hosting during the sale?

A2 Hosting offers a variety of shared plans that range in price from $1.99 per month to $10.99 per month (for a 3-year term).

Which A2 Hosting plan is best for beginners during Black Friday?

If you’re on a tight budget then the Startup Shared plan would be the perfect plan for beginners. With the help of Black Friday deals, you can enjoy their premium hosting for only $1.99/mo.

Does A2 Hosting Offer Free SSL?

Yes, A2 Hosting does offer free SSL. By having an SSL certificate, you can reassure your visitors or customers that their data is protected and secure.

How can I get a Black Friday A2 Hosting Deal in 2023?

To get A2 hosting during Black Friday, click on this exclusive link and claim your discount. This deal is also valid for Cyber Monday which is expiring soon.

A2 Hosting Sale – Final Thoughts

That’s the end of the blog post. I hope you had a good time reading about the A2 Hosting Black Friday deals for 2023 because they have some really great offers this year.

To get affordable web hosting on super fast servers, make use of the A2 Hosting deal now and save some money. The best part is, they offer a money-back guarantee anytime you need it!

If you have any questions or need more info about the A2 Hosting BFCM Sale, just drop your queries in the comments, and we’ll get back to you real quick.

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